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Bulk SMS Caster Enterprise


Bulk SMS Caster Enterprise
Bulk SMS Caster Enterprise is an innovative

Bulk SMS Sender tool

which assists in sending bulk SMSs from PC. The software helps in sending thousands of SMSs simultaneously from PC. The software can handle unlimited mobiles at a time connected through USB or Bluetooth. The software detects the connected phones on its own and provides the user with the option to select the phone with which SMSs need to be sent. This unique Bulk SMS Software for PC has emerged as one of the best tool to send bulk SMS PC to Mobile.
This Text Message Software boasts of advanced features but is extremely simple to use. The user simply needs to connect mobiles to their PC or Laptop through USB or Bluetooth. The software detects the connected mobiles on its own and user simply needs to select the Mobile through which SMSs need to be sending. The tool allows the user with the liberty to Send Group SMS to unlimited mobile numbers. The software allows the user to send SMS to entire list of phone numbers as well as to individual number. The user can import numbers from excel sheet. Personalized SMSs can also be sending by using data from excel sheet. The software provides the user with the option of Delayed delivery. Users have the option of manually selecting numbers to send SMSs. The tool provides a log file that contains data related to sent or failed SMSs.

The data includes the number, message and date of sending. The tool is compatible with GSM mobiles.    This software can be a great tool for organizations involved in marketing through SMSs. SMS is used by companies from various sectors involved in selling goods and services. The software has wide application for spreading any type of information on mass scale; reach of mobile telephony is vaster than any other mode of communication.
  • Send group SMS to unlimited mobile numbers.
  • Send SMS to DND numbers.
  • Support upto unlimited mobile devices or data cards.
  • Connect through Bluetooth or USB Cable
  • Import phone numbers from text, csv and excel files.
  • Send unique SMS to each recipients using Excel Data.
  • Send standard as well as Flash SMS.
  • No need of internet connection.
  • Add custom fields like name to send unique SMS
  • Save SMS templates for repetitive use.
Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
.NET Framework 2.0
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