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  • File copy Software is useful in number of ways. Most importantly, it can make the process of Data moving or copying so simple and easy. It offers features that allow you to Data transfer while preserving the Date and time stamp of the files or by customizing them according to the requirement.

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Web Data Miner


Web Data Miner
Web data mining is a process to extract the useful data from the web pages in tabular form. Web Data Miner is a great data scrapper tool which automates the data mining work. The concept behind the tool is very simple – Reduce the manual effort of scraping data from website. Web Data Miner's intelligence helps the user to extract accurate data from different layout websites like shopping, classified, product based and other websites. It also includes two more useful features: 'External Links' and 'Construct Links' these feature will be helpful if you want to extract from multiple websites in a single process. The GUI of the software is very attractive and easily understandable. Whenever software will start it will show “quick start guide”. After entering the URL of website, it will show webpage into the web browser on the main screen. After loading of web page will complete user can click on “Start config” button and then on the item which user wants to scrap from web page. It can extract text, html, Image, link and URL from WebPages. It allows the user to provide user defined column name.

This data scrapper tool will scrap the clicked item or similar items from opened web page. In this tool there are two options “auto saves” and “auto pause”. Auto save removes the data losing risk and auto pause removes the risk of blockage by some website to IP address. This web data mining tool can mine the data from multiple web pages in a website. User can configure “Set next page link” which extract the similar data from all web pages. User has choice to defined number of pages to extract the data otherwise it will mine the data from all the pages. A unique and most powerful feature of the software is scheduling. User can set time and date and have to provide configuration file. It will automatically start the process of data mining at the time defined by the user. After mining the data it will automatically shut down and saves the configuration file at user defined position.
  • Extract data from web pages in tabular form.
  • Extract Data from different layout websites.
  • Extract text, html, Image, link and URL from WebPages.
  • Extract Data from External Links and Custom Links.
  • Automatically Follow Pages to Extract Data.
  • Save extracted data  to removes the data losing risk.
  • Auto Pause prevent miner from blocked by some websites.
  • Bookmark Favorite Websites List.
  • User can schedule future date and time to extract data.
  • Save Data in CSV, TXT Formats.
Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, win10
.NET Framework 4.5

Web data miner

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