File Rename Utility

File Rename Utility

File Rename Utility tool has been created to rename files in multiple number. The software has features through which you can rename files of all formats. It works in an amazing speed and accuracy which saves a lot of time and effort of the user. The File Rename Utility is a tool which can rename files according to your wish.

The software File Rename Utility is unique if compared among all other renaming software. The options equipped in this software give you freedom of renaming files according to your choice. Users can rename files by adding prefix, suffix, separator and many other things to rename file. The extension of the files can also be renamed with the help of the given options. There is also a secondary option to rename the files manually. With that option you can individually select the file and can rename it as you like.

File Rename Utility is a hi-tech software which can rename the files in quick second. Its handling part is also very easy. There are few steps that user needs to follow and complete the task. The first and foremost thing user needs to do is to dump the files that he needs to rename. For that he will have to choose Add Files option to bring the files. Then in the second phase he has to choose whether he wants to rename files with the help of File Rename Property or Custom Rename. The third step is to allot a folder where the renamed files should automatically go after they are renamed. The last step is to click on Start command to initiate the work. So you can see within four steps the software has done the work.

The File Rename Utility tool can be really very useful in our daily work. The features and its speed make it the best tool in the market today. You can get it at a reasonable price.

Key Feature:

  • File Rename Utility is a tool built to rename thousands of files in one click.
  • It can rename files of any format whichever you drop.
  • There are many options for the process of renaming so that you can rename files as per your desires.
  • You can add suffix prefix, separator and many other things to rename the file in your style.
  • There is also an option called Custom Rename through which you can manually rename the file by individually choosing each one of them.
  • You can even change the extensions names of the files too.
  • The software is very advanced but it is really very easy to operate.
  • File Rename Utility is the best tool in the market available at a reasonable price.

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Version History:

Current Version : v1.5

System Requirement:

  • Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
  • .NET Framework 2.0
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